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“The world of investment advice is plagued with conflicts of interest, obscure disclosure and an overall lack of transparency. When we act as your fiduciary, we help eliminate many of the problems associated with commission-oriented, product-focused salespeople.”


Who Are We?
We are independent registered investment advisors. In that role, we are legal fiduciaries and are
bound to find you the best possible solutions available at the lowest cost on your behalf. We act
as truly impartial investment advisors for your financial interests.

Our Value Proposition:
We will create a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions,
gaining knowledge to feel confident in making smart financial decisions. This affords you more
time to live the life you have earned and helps to reduce stress, which results in more comfort for
you and your family.

Our Typical Client:
We work primarily with families and organizations that are at a stage where they need truly
independent and unconflicted financial advice. We manage all aspects of our clients’ financial
lives, including investment and liability management, estate, retirement and financial planning.
As fiduciaries, we believe strongly that this is the way you should have your financial affairs
managed. We are selective and only accept 3 new client relationships per year.

Our Team

John DiCiaccio
Senior Partner, Managing Director

John has an amazing knack for balancing the left and right brain. It explains how he can analyze numbers and technical data by day and paint abstract art by night. He says discipline and creativity aren’t such strange bedfellows, as he learned as an inquisitive kid in his mother and grandmother’s kitchens. They became open classrooms where he could satisfy his hunger for knowledge – and cannoli!

Like perfecting a recipe, developing a financial strategy demands a mix of art and science, and John draws on 30 years of experience as a financial consultant and small business owner before that. He has been greatly inspired by his favorite artist, Jackson Pollack, who broke ground with well-composed paintings that reveal order in seeming chaos. In a similar way, John sees the big picture and an individual’s place within it. It helps him convey complex information in a way that makes sense to a layperson. It explains how he has built so many long lasting relationships, whether it’s by sharing insight with clients or new recipes with his wife Evie and their frequent dinner guests. John, Senior Partner and Managing Director, has received Baron’s Top Advisor and several L.A. Wealth Magazine Awards, given to less than two percent of financial advisors.

John DiCiaccio – Honors & Awards

Leah Thomson Snell, CFP®
Senior Partner, Managing Director

When we say everybody likes Leah, we’re not limiting that to people! In addition to being one of the friendliest, most approachable people you’ll meet, she is a dedicated animal rights advocate. DiCiaccio clients who spend time with Leah always appreciate how easy she makes discussing the information we need for their financial plan. They often remark on how calm, patient and caring she is.

Those qualities have made her a valued member of civic groups like the Altadena Guild and local Rotary, as well as orchestras in which she shares her musicianship on the viola. Under her calm demeanor, however, is a spunky individual who loves to travel and host “game nights” for friends with her husband James. Name an exotic travel destination and if she hasn’t been there already, she’s hoping to get there soon. Oh, and for her credentials with other species, just ask Gizmo, the English bulldog with whom she and James share their home. Senior Partner and Managing Director Leah Thomson Snell joined Snowden Lane from Merrill Lynch, where she began in 1996.

Caesar Cepeda
Vice President, Private Wealth Advisor

The more time Caesar spends in this industry, the more he values the time he spends with the people he meets. The proof is in the number of close friendships he has developed with a wide range of clients who have come to know him and Lauren, his wife of 22 years. Caesar believes the hours he spends in face-to-face meetings with clients are just as important as those he devotes to research and portfolio-building on their behalf. With a quick wit and a happy-go-lucky attitude, he is always easy to get to know.

The calming effect he has on people helps them gain perspective, while his sartorial sense and sophistication make visiting the DiCiaccio Team a stylish affair. Going the distance isn’t something restricted to work for clients, however. Caesar has been in 15 Ironman distance Triathlons as well as the Angeles Crest 100-mile run, week-long mountain bike races, and every Los Angeles Marathon since its inception in 1986. With Lauren and another couple, he co-owns CrossFit Monrovia and helps people with their physical conditioning when he’s not helping people with their financial shape. Vice President and Private Wealth Advisor Caesar Cepeda, who began as an Asset Manager in 1986, provides specialized advice for High Net Worth individuals and non-profit organizations.

Natalie Kazarian
Senior Investment and Planning Analyst

A free spirit who loves nature and camping, Natalie is also one of the most meticulous, detail-oriented people you will ever meet. With “get-it-done” drive she watches out for our clients’ interests with a mothering instinct that spills over from the raising of two young girls and an even younger son with her husband Aram.

Advocating for clients and finding answers to their questions and solutions to their problems is deep-rooted in this woman whose world is about family, heritage, and traditions. Her ability to organize and prioritize makes her efficient and effective when it comes to taking care of things. She loves to host friends and family at home whenever possible. She loves good food and company and the stimulation of working with different people to challenge herself to learn more. Senior Investment and Planning Analyst Natalie Kazarian comes to Snowden from Merrill Lynch, where she began her career in investment strategy in 2006. She previously worked as a business insurance specialist.


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