Putting Our Clients' Goals Front and Center

Snowden Lane advisors have the freedom to do what’s right for their clients. This means developing a deep understanding of clients’ needs, getting to know their current circumstances, learning their long-term goals, and working with them to map the pathway from where they are to where they want to be.

"What’s your personal benchmark? At Snowden Lane, you define success on your own terms. We’ll work with you to help get you there."

Snowden Lane Partners

What are your short and long-term financial goals? Setting tangible and realistic goals, following a plan, and tracking your progress is key to achieving what you want out of life.

Your Snowden Lane advisor will collect and analyze financial and non-financial data, and use this information to define your risk profile

Based on your goals and our assessment of your risk profile, we will create a comprehensive strategy customized for you, including recommended allocations across categories of assets, which may include equities, fixed income and alternatives.

Your Snowden Lane advisor will implement your investment strategy, keeping you closely informed each step of the way.

We continually monitor your investments to ensure that performance is optimized while maintaining the desired target allocation.

Regular portfolio reviews include a re-assessment of your goals to determine if they have evolved and, if so, what changes in your portfolio should be made to reflect this.