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"At Snowden Lane, we value loyalty, partnership, integrity and the opportunity to make a difference."

Snowden Lane is a lane in Princeton, N.J., connecting the homes of our co-founders. For our clients, Snowden Lane is the pathway to achieving financial independence and their financial objectives. For our advisors, Snowden Lane enables them to understand and meet their clients’ unique needs.

The story of Snowden Lane Partners is a story of commitment to clients, advisors and core values. Created by former Wall Street executives, Snowden Lane focuses exclusively on wealth advisory, and alleviates the conflicts of interest inherent at large financial institutions. We don’t have competing businesses in our firm. And we avoid conflicts of interest with our clients and our advisors.

As independent wealth advisors, we offer our clients access to a comprehensive range of independent investment and advisory solutions. Our advisors search out, evaluate and recommend the best possible investment solutions for our clients. As fiduciaries, we act in our clients’ best interests.

We built a firm that values loyalty, partnership, uncompromising standards and social responsibility. Our advisors, who built outstanding careers at the world’s largest investment firms, joined Snowden Lane because they wanted to be part of a culture that puts the client first, values teamwork and collaboration, and aligns their interests with those of their clients.


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