RIA Edge Podcast: The Evolution of Independence with Snowden Lane’s Rob Mooney

November 2021

Snowden Lane’s Rob Mooney discusses the major changes in the wealth management landscape including the navigation of M&A and various client acquisition strategies.

By Mark Bruno

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As the independent and RIA channels have grown and become more influential, the challenges and opportunities aligned with running your own businesses have grown significantly in recent years.

To better understand and assess the options that are now available to advisors who are looking to build their own businesses — or accelerate the growth of their existing business — Informa’s Mark Bruno and Snowden Lane’s Rob Mooney discussed major changes in the wealth management landscape.

Specifically, in this episode of RIA Edge, Mark and Rob explore:

Mark and Rob discuss:

  • The primary drives of Snowden Lane’s growth over the last ten years
  • How to successfully navigate mergers and acquisitions, marketing, business development, and client acquisition strategies
  • The emergence of new RIAs and mega-RIAs within the wealth management industry