The Elekto Wealth Advisory Group

New York, NY

imageMichelle Begina, CFP®, CIMA® Senior Partner, Managing DirectorA pair of Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers hang in Michelle’s office as homage to her grandparents, John and Mary. Part of the greatest generation, they never earned more than $10,000 annually and worked for over forty years at a Converse factory–her grandfather making the rubber soles and grandmother stitching the canvas. While they worked they built and paid for a custom home, took dream vacations once every third year and created a retirement nest egg, supplemented by pensions and Social Security, to live out their retirement dreams. Michelle’s early family lessons together with years of professional experience informs her practice today. She understands the interplay between client values, resources and choice with decision making and behavioral finance; making for a unique, tailored client experience–and better outcomes. About Michelle: • CFP®, CIMA® and received a Professional Certification in Financial Therapy from Kansas State UniversityGraduate School of Human Ecology. • Recognized as a 2001 and 2002 “250 Best Financial Advisor” by Worth Magazine • Served as Board Member of the Bergen County YWCA and is a founding member of Women United inPhilanthropy • Resides in Wyckoff, NJ with her husband and two sons and is an avid photographer Recent Publications: Wall Street Journal profile, December 2017: Managing Wealth—and Client Emotions Journal of Financial Planning, March 2018:, May 2018: Married, Female Professional, Out-Earning Spouse; Seeks Support Group