The DiCiaccio Team

Pasadena, CA

imageJohn DiCiaccio Sr. Partner, Managing DirectorWelcome to Snowden Lane Partners, where we're transforming financial planning with a client-centric approach. I'm John DiCaccio, the founding partner, and along with my team, we're committed to securing your financial future through a disciplined and repeatable process. Known for generating positive outcomes, we emphasize collaboration and personalized service to ensure we focus on what's truly important – you, the client. Our process helps put all the pieces of your financial puzzle together, creating a comprehensive and customized plan tailored to your unique needs. In my personal life, I'm married to my wife Evie, and together we have three adult children and are blessed with six grandchildren. We're both patrons of the arts, appreciating the creativity and passion behind various artistic expressions. Inspired by my nonna and the fond memories of cooking with her, I've learned to infuse love, creativity, and precision into every aspect of my professional and personal life. I cherish spending time with our grandkids, whether it's passing down generational recipes with our oldest in the kitchen, watching our granddaughter compete in surfing events, or baking treats and reading favorite stories to our youngest grandmoppet. Additionally, I enjoy painting abstractly, an activity that helps me see things from different perspectives and develop creative solutions. This artistic approach translates into my work, allowing me to think outside the box when crafting financial strategies for my clients. Discover our unique "WEALTHY" approach by visiting the Overview tab to the left for more details about our process. Join us for a fresh, heartwarming take on wealth management. Reach out today, and let's focus on building a brighter, more secure financial future for you with the help of our exceptional team and our proven, client-focused process.