The DiCiaccio Team

Pasadena, CA

imageNatalie Kazarian Private Wealth Advisor and Sr. Client Relationship ManagerA free spirit who loves nature and camping, Natalie is also one of the most meticulous, detail-oriented people you will ever meet. With “get-it-done” drive she watches out for our clients’ interests with a mothering instinct that spills over from the raising of two young girls and an even younger son with her husband Aram. Advocating for clients and finding answers to their questions and solutions to their problems is deep-rooted in this woman whose world is about family, heritage, and traditions. Her ability to organize and prioritize makes her efficient and effective when it comes to taking care of things. She loves to host friends and family at home whenever possible. She loves good food and company and the stimulation of working with different people to challenge herself to learn more. Private Wealth Advisor and Senior Client Relationship Manager Natalie Kazarian came to Snowden from Merrill Lynch, where she began her career in investment strategy in 2006. She previously worked as a business insurance specialist.