The DiCiaccio Team

Pasadena, CA

imageLeah Thomson Snell, CFP® Sr. Partner, Managing DirectorWhen we say everybody likes Leah, we’re not limiting that to people! In addition to being one of the friendliest, most approachable people you’ll meet, she is a dedicated animal rights advocate. She and her husband James always have a dog or two at home and she enjoys helping community animals in various ways. DiCiaccio Team clients who spend time with Leah always appreciate how easy she makes discussing the information we need for their financial plan. They often remark on how calm, patient and caring she is. Those qualities have made her a valued member of civic groups like the Altadena Guild and local Rotary club, as well as orchestras where she plays the viola. While usually calm and collected, she enjoys spirited game nights with friends and the excitement of travelling to unique locations. Senior Partner and Managing Director Leah Thomson Snell joined Snowden Lane from Merrill Lynch, where she began in 1996 while attending UCLA.